Caring for hours. Your watch is in need of careful care



Your watch is in need of careful care, to serve for a long time and give you moments of pleasure from the use of a clock.

Mechanical watches – the usual mechanism requiring lubrication, cleaning and adjusting accuracy. It is recommended to do this once every 3-4 years in special service centers listed in the passport of your watch. When opening the case every speck of dust can disrupt the accuracy of the clock, impacting negatively on their longevity. Wind the watch; you need to taking off his hands.

This helps to avoid uneven pressure on one of the most vulnerable components of the clock – the crown. Watch with manual winding should start at the same time, rotate the crown all the way clockwise.

Watch with automatic movement rather start once a week. If you are doing extreme sports, remove your watch, in order to avoid the recoil force. How could you not assured an excellent shock-mechanism, there is always a probability of over-load that clocks can not survive. If you’re used to wear expensive jewelry or watches, mechanical, involvement in any sport shoot them! For this is a sports watch with a rugged and protected from water.

Quartz watches are less demanding in care, but also need to be checked at a service center every 4-5 years. Do not tighten the replacement batteries and contact an authorized dealer prior to the expiration of the battery to avoid the destruction of the clock.

Change the battery yourself is not recommended, because after hours of battery replacement must undergo some tests. In order not to spoil the calendar should not be a mechanism to adjust the date between 22 and 02 hours of the night, because at that time, all the gears start to move actively, automatically converting the date.

Take the hour hand at 6:00 position, and then change the date. In the majority of Swiss luxury watches used strong sapphire glass, which in normal use it is very difficult to scratch. However, precious stones, with their high density can easily ruin your watch, so store them separately, preferably in a special box, annexed to the clock. It is made of special soft materials directly to your watch.

Broken or cracked, replace the glass immediately after injury, the dust can get into the engine and break the clock. In the cold to keep the watch is also not recommended for: lubricating oils thicken, the mechanism slows down, and the axes of the pins are damaged. Do not leave it on the stone tables, such as marble, as the strong changes in temperature can adversely affect some parts, especially springs and coils.

Before going to bed remove the watch to protect them from damage that may be caused by uncontrollable movements. We all know that during sleep the person sweats, and this can lead to gradual damage to the containment shell. If the watch is water resistant, they can be cleaned with a weak solution of detergent, then dry it thoroughly. Do not wipe the leather cleaners, it can easily spoil. For those who like an active lifestyle more suited for metal bracelet watches.

Necessary every 2-3 years to check the tightness and if necessary, change the gasket. If you have a favorite music fan, keep watch away from the speakers to avoid the details of magnetization hours. In conclusion, I repeat: for your expensive branded watches have special shops listed in the passport, and do not check them into the first shop!

Follow all instructions and watch will last you for decades.

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