An internet conference with Jean-Claude Bive.Of course, the famous Jean-Claude Bive after the news

Jean-Claude Bive


Of course, the famous Jean-Claude Bive after the news of his resignation as director general of the watch company Hublot one would expect any surprises. In his place was appointed Ricardo Guadalupe, and Jean-Claude, remaining chairman of the board, like in all logic, was to go into the shadows … But instead, opened a series of online conferences in the style of living communion with the fans, for example, our president.

On February 14, is the third conference on communication with the fans watch Hublot. And as the results, it will not last. During the broadcast, Jean-Claude Bive responded to a variety of issues that can be sent both before and during the conference through the form of a new Internet project Hublot nation, either in social networks.

The first Internet conference unforgettable Bive focused on the transatlantic community: beginning at 2:00 GMT (3:00 am in Switzerland, 21 o’clock in the evening in New York and 18 pm on the west coast of the United States).

However, this does not exclude that in the near future, perhaps, Jean-Claude Bive hold online conferences, and the other half of the globe – including Russia. Bive resigned as director general of the watch company Hublot, but in no case has left many fans brand worldwide.

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