World premiere of new hours of X Fathoms Blancpain. The world premiere of the company issued new Blancpain watches

new hours


The world premiere of the company issued new Blancpain watches X Fathoms will be held from January 16 to February 12, 2012 in the public venue La Cite du Temps, Geneva. Center has become a “welcoming home” for diverse exhibitions.

It first X Fathoms was presented in October 2011 in Dubai. Inheriting from its predecessor – Fifty Fathoms dive watch basic characteristics to them, the new modified mechanical depth gauge and a five-minute retrograde indicator designed to measure the time of decompression.

new hours
The depth gauge Blancpain (90 meters) is considered the most accurate in the world.

Swiss premiere will be accompanied by a photo exhibition, the exhibition of which is illustrated by the fourth edition of Fifty Fathoms, issued by Blancpain. The book is devoted to such well-known professional freediving as Aaron Vaughn, William Vinram, Bile Fred and Ethan Daniels.

The photographs of these brave athletes without diving equipment perform insane recklessness in the dark blue depths of the ocean.

The exhibition will give visitors the opportunity Blancpain rediscover for themselves brand watch collections, including the legendary line of Fifty Fathoms – the first few hours for divers who accompanied them since 1953.

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