Where to buy a watch «Omega» in Moscow.Nicole Kidman at the presentation of a new collection



Nicole Kidman at the presentation of a new collection of watch brand Omega.

Past stamps «Omega» was nice and rich in achievement. In 1848, Louis Brandt opened a workshop, where he soon began to boil work. Master spent many hours of painstaking work to create high-hours. Soon the company started to flourish, and the leadership after the death of Louis fell into the hands of his sons.

They decided to choose to produce a more convenient location, where transportation, water and energy were available. So the brothers began to gradually move on to the mechanization of production.

In 1900 the company was awarded the title of «Omega». After 32 years of her called “the official timekeeper of the” Olympic Games held in Los Angeles. This is the title of «Omega» will be more during the 20 Olympics.

Some watches have become almost legendary. Take, for example «Speedmaster», which in 1965 officially became a chronograph NASA. After 4 years of these hours, even on the moon visited. However, on the hand of astronaut Neil Armstrong. Model «Marine» – this is the first watch designed for diving, their production began in 1932.

Mechanical, electronic, quartz – for now watches are produced in very different ways.

The accuracy and reliability – are the main characteristics of «Omega».

And the range of diversity can please. In the ranking of the most popular watch brands «Omega» became one of the leaders, because the statistics 70% of the world know about it. So that the brand ahead of the competition and yet the level of informativeness.

Among other things, «Omega» adorned the arm of the hero “James Bond”.

If you decide to become an owner of such a clock, remember the address.

M. Revolution Square, TVK “Seating Yard”, located on the street. Ilinka 4.
M. Krylatskoye, TC “Rublevsky, which is located on Rublevsky highway 48.

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