Watch fashion trends in 2012. Hour collection of the new year be replenished from the models of the past season.

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Hour collection of the new year be replenished from the models of the past season. Despite this, 2012 has made adjustments to the current trends of fashion time.

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So, what are they, the most fashionable male and female models in 2012?

Men’s watch

In 2012, the focus is on the original design of the dial. In general, men’s collections have not changed much, still taken as a basis for the classical model with the correct geometric shapes and clean lines.

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Women’s Watches

In the new year completely erased the remnants of past seasons crisis: pressing steel watch with vibrant color accents, complemented by crystal shine and chic patent leather straps.

For bracelets and straps used leather, ceramic, satin, rubber, and combinations of different kinds of materials. New season – watch for transparent or translucent bracelet. They combine wonderfully with fur, coarse knit sweaters or clothing style military. As we see in the new year game of contrasts is gaining momentum.

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Among the fashionable hour in 2012 a special place is occupied with fine netting on the case, dial and bracelet. Lace motifs never go into oblivion: This fashion trend returns again and again in many different interpretations.

Rating the hottest new products in 2012 led watch with pendants. This is logical, because by buying a ready-made model, it is possible to change the bracelet links, thus creating their own unique clock. These models are characterized by versatility: they will look good with a business suit or an evening dress.

Watch fashion
Trendy colors of 2011 – solid chocolate and gave ground wine shades (burgundy, burgundy, claret). Is still relevant combination of white and black?

One of the major trends in 2012 is monochrome models: favorite color of clothing can be combined with the clock of the same tone.

In the new year in the fashion watch with a massive body. Tendency to increase the diameter of the housing, outlined back in 2010, firmly established in the watch mode.

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