Watch Anthony Pulio weighs just 17.86 grams. Monthly talented designers from around the world

Watch Anthony


Monthly talented designers from around the world, represent the most incredible concepts watches. Today, fans of the original timepieces already difficult than a surprise – there is even a clock in the form of adhesive stamps. So that would impress potential customers, a growing number of designers create so-called “most-most” clock. For example, the easiest, like Anthony Pulio.

His unique concept watch weighs just 17.86 grams Anthony Pulio proposed major brand Nooka . Adopted a concept of development is still unknown, but it is worth more to consider this unique idea of wristwatches. Their housing, as well as the strap made of soft and lightweight silicone.

The digital display is a piece of technology E-Ink – Electronic ink. In addition to the ease of this technology saves 60% more energy than LCD. Housing dimensions 64h32 mm and it goes beyond the half hour strap. Silicone body has a 6-meter water resistance, and four different colors. In addition E-Ink display in the silicone frame can bend in all directions. Thus, the data have a maximum clock flexibility.

Watch Anthony Pulio can be worn with the same ease as on the left and right hand. And not only in the flexible face, but also features one-touch buttons to change the direction of digits.

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