Vetta watches Privilege. Summit is a prestigious brand of the Binda Group

watches Privilege


Summit is a prestigious brand of the Binda Group for its sentimental value as well as historic, was originally the name Wyler Vetta and the abolition of foreign words and neologisms during the Fascist period, the first part of the mark was elimate.

The extraordinary development work done since the ’30s until the ’50s helped to know Vetta throughout Europe, thanks to brilliant discoveries such as the rocker “Incaflex”, resistant to shocks and the regulating organ axis the launch of the first Automatch the story: “Cricchettino” pemetteva that, by virtue of the movement of the wrist on a small button, operating the charging.

It was back in 1932, a date that is now etched on the faces of clocks Peak, right in the course of this year we will celebrate the eightieth anniversary through a new catalog which shows classic and elegant style of the Swissbrand, faithful to the format of a Always present time, addressed to different generazoni of loyal consumers to the brand.

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