Toy Watch watches on the wrists of Michelle Obama.Did you know that your wrists have always been seen

Toy Watch


Did you know that your wrists have always been seen as the most presidential?

It seems that Marilyn Monroe beautiful gift ‘to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a Rolex watch after the world-famous greeting song that he sang during his forty-fifth birthday.

I am sorry now to recall a very sad event, however, when the U.S. President was assassinated, JFK had apparently wearing a gold Cartier Tank.

Toy Watch
In more recent times the “new” tenants of the White House have been content to less expensive watches, albeit of very high quality such as Timex watches worn by Bill Clinton, who during his long campaign was wearing his Ironman Triathlon.

But the long list goes on…
The day of his swearing Barack Obama, after bringing the wrist for 15 years a Tag Heuer 1500, he chose the popular Jorg Gray 6500 is said to have been given by the secret services.

But recently his Lady Michelle catalyze attention to the watches that leads to his wrist.

The American First Lady chose a double line: how JFK and Jackie her a Cartier Tank watch used for official meetings, and leisure TOY WATCH a watch model Fluo Violet collection.

Toy Watch is also the preferred brand by Madonna, Naomi Campbell and Michael Jordan.

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