The mechanism of liquid-hours HYT.The intrigue continues.



The intrigue continues. Recently, in anticipation of the upcoming exhibition hours Basel World 2012, the company was given a small HYT promotional information about upcoming exhibitions for the new product with the indication of time by means of a liquid. Today, the veil of mystery still slightly ajar: we can see the whole assembled a unique mechanism through the transparent back cover of the mysterious news.

Clockwork HYT Cal. 101 has 35 stones, excellent finishing and decorating. At the bottom there are two black pistons that control the liquid display. As can be seen with the new photo, the clock will have a housing made of titanium, is waterproof to 100 meters.

The crown is in the direction of “2:00” next to the ledge with a special protective shell, or a button to activate the liquid display – the photo just does not make out, and continues to support the HYT intrigue mysterious silence on the details of the model.

Director General of the watch company HYT Vensant Peryar confirmed: “It is a mechanism with manual winding and two pistons that activate the liquid, which carries out display of hours.”

What is the clock face can only speculate. However, according to the circular arrangement of tubes with the liquid in the center of the dial still will be some more traditional hourly indicators. Power reserve HYT model is 65 hours.

Presented in the best data clock will be in March 2012 at the International Exhibition hours Baselworld-2012. The company was founded HYT Peryar Vincent, former head of watch brand Concord.

Blame the idea of a liquid display time belongs to Jean-Francois Mozhonu – HYT will watch the world’s first example of having an amazing complexity.

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