The dialectics of time from Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer


Like many other brands, TAG Heuer has devoted another masterpiece to the Year of the Dragon. Watches Lady Yin Yang collection of Formula 1 returns us to the origins of Chinese philosophy…

Yin-Yang symbol, denoting the duality of all things, is presented in the traditional colors – black and white diamonds that sparkle everywhere – on the face, body, and even bracelets. At 245 and 234 round diamonds baguette-cut diamonds form is divided into two unequal parts by a circle that goes beyond the dial.

Points of Yin and Yang are located at elevations “2 and 5:00.” Corporate board of the company at around “12 o’clock” is decorated with a large rectangular diamond. Theme of duality continued in the design of a steel bracelet, the central core is made from a contrasting black pottery, such as strong as a diamond.

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