Solar watches Seiko. Seiko Watch Company creates miracles.

watches Seiko


Seiko Watch Company creates miracles. They are watches Solar Pilot Chronograph ref. SSC009-1, running on solar energy. Seiko thus supports an international environmental company “Clean Energy – clear thinking.”

In hours of Seiko Solar Pilot Chronograph ref. SSC009-1 installed Quartz movement, which feeds the battery, accumulates its energy from simple sunlight. Opening up in accordance with the latest of the latest “green” technologies.

The dream of ecologists is embodied by a quartz mechanism and its revolutionary V172 batteries. At full capacity, these amazing solar wristwatch can operate as much as half of the year, being in complete darkness (ie, without additional charge). Working on only one solar watches have features split-chronograph, charge indicator and even alarm. In this split-chronograph model measures the time to within 1 / 5 seconds!

Watches Seiko Solar Pilot Chronograph ref. SSC009-1 look quite normelno and does not resemble the solar-powered cars in the form of boxes, okleyannyh light-absorbing elements. Hours are 43-millimeter stainless steel case, black bezel with a rotating slide layout, black dial with chronograph counters, alarm clock (the “6:00”) and the date aperture (in the “3:00”).Delivered on a steel bracelet. In general, unlike many “green works” does not create a miserable experience.

Slide rule rotating bezel for help in computing the pilot – because his watch and called Pilot Chronograph. The dial is protected by glass crystal Hardlex. Water-resistant watches Seiko Solar Pilot Chronograph ref. SSC009-1 is 100 meters.

Way to use solar energy to help the pilots are not new to the watch company Seiko. Recently, with the support of the glider was created icare 2, running on solar energy. Klaus Ohlmann pilot found it a new world record, breaking the 439 miles above the Alpes Maritimes in southern France.

The aircraft has a 25-foot wingspan, which are covered by special solar cells. In partnership with the watch company Seiko glider built by a team of the University Stuttgart Institut fur Flugzeugbau.

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