Rogozin gave his wristwatch



Today, give your wrist watch – a very popular phenomenon among certain politicians and officials. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, has supported this tradition and gave his wristwatch carpenter Andrew Karpekinu who participated in extinguishing the nuclear submarine Yekaterinburg, where the fire occurred in the New Year’s Eve on December 29.

The event occurred in the Murmansk airport when interagency delegation, decide the fate of the submarine, left the North. That’s where Dmitri Rogozin met with the heroes who distinguished themselves in extinguishing the fire. The winner was the most selfless hours – not even a fireman, a simple carpenter, who spoke at a volunteer fire.

Rogozin took the watch off your wrist with his own and handed them to the hero with the words:

“Are you up for miscalculations and mistakes made by others during repair work in the dock, and saved the strategic submarine.”

There were also awarded certificates and letters of thanks to other members of the plant, which participated in extinguishing the fire on a strategic nuclear submarine. The area of the fire was as much as 150 square meters, and it was put out only a day later.

It is interesting that all information sources reported that Dmitry Rogozin, has presented the “military swiss watch.” It would seem surprising – a nice gift – unless you consider that it was a watch very Rogozin. The fact that the Deputy Prime Minister is the military, but the Russian Commander clock, made by special order.

And as he once admitted, Dmitry O. – “shock-proof and water resistant watch with a great design.” This magnificent timepiece was presented Rogozin fellow soldiers. A bit strange disconnect with “war Swiss watches,” since the legendary Commander in any case Russian.

But whatever it was, it is a very valuable gift, and most importantly has a unique personality and history. Transmit clock to his descendants, or as a reward – a long and honorable tradition of showing the special arrangement, respect and above all confidence giver.

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