Review of hours of Columbus. Russia, the brand of Columbus appeared only in 2003.



Russia, the brand of Columbus appeared only in 2003. Generally, the company is mainly engaged in Columbus producing clocks and it is their preference among the variety of modifications produced. Timers at the top of a wall clock made Columbus famous German company Haller.

Many of the technologies the company’s patented and have no analogues in the world. One of the most famous patented technologies from Haller is a mechanism with semi-annual reserve. Columbus firm tries to follow all the stringent requirements of the Western European standards, the environment, as evidenced by lots of different international certificates.

Another feature is the variety Columbus hours of modifications, so that everyone can pick out exactly what he needs, depending on the needs of its taste and budget. Such well-known series like Air, Tradition, Carry, Scelett, Rolling, Marine, Glass, Richy, Mercury has recently become so popular that they know even far from the hours of people who have never been interested in the company’s products Columbus.

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