Presentation of new watch models U-110 from the company Urwerk in Geneva. Swiss watchmaker Urwerk company

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Swiss watchmaker Urwerk company , known for its super-models on display in Geneva, at the Hotel Four Seasons in January 2012 introduced a gold version of the model UR-110. These watches are made of titanium alloy and AlTin, were released brand in 2011 and presented at international competition watchmakers Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie in 2011.

This time the masters of the company have chosen a different material for the production model. The new version of the UR-110 watches are presented in the “shell” of refined gold. Despite the fact that its history the company has achieved notoriety due to its complicated watches, often requiring the use of avant-garde high-quality materials, but it is impossible to pass by gold, as one of the founders of Urwerk, Felix Baumgartner is one of the best and his favorite materials.

As noted by Felix himself, “All of our collection are embodied in the noble metal, starting from the first model UR-101 UR-ending 110. For us it is not just a tradition, it is a milestone, we believe the collection of an established and long-lasting, only when there is a modification of its gold. Gold and titanium – the main components of the new UR-110, a model of contrasts. ”

Another founder of Urwerk, Martin Fry supports the view of Felix Baumgartner, assuming that the unique feelings and emotions to the owner may bring gold, thanks to its unique appearance. “In all the ancient and modern cultures, gold is considered a divine metal.

new watch
For me, the sculptor and painter by training, sense of touch is the first of the five senses. This probably explains my craving for gold. I like such properties as density, weight, reliability, and permanence. A collection of UR-110 looked unfinished without an instance, made in gold. Now it’s done “- said Fry.

The overall design and appearance of the hours remain the same. The unique design of the UR-110 “satellite” pointer to an hour planetary gear, which is the original complication, has not changed and the new version hours.

Body of the model size of 47 mm x 51 mm x 16 mm, made of titanium grade 5 with a bezel made of red gold. Unique hour and minute indexes, which are opposite each other.

The mobile unit is lowered along a vertical arc with markings from 0 to 60 minutes. Despite the complex design, the owner of this watch will not arise any difficulty in determining the time. All three pointer directed at the arc minute, forming inseparable trio flying over platinum. In fact, hourly blocks remain parallel during a complete revolution. This result, the master reached, thanks to a three-tier structure of:

  • The central tower over the entire height UR-110 provides stability and balance of sophistication;
  • The central carousel ensures rotation of movable guards blocks around the dial;
  • Three-hour blocks, each of which consists of a “satellite hour” and the minute hand, mounted on a planetary gear transmission. With these three mobile units by the constant rotation in the opposite direction to the central circular motion of the carousel.

Originally made to protect the dial sapphire crystal. The control panel is equipped with a pointer in addition to an hour, day-night indicator, index maintenance «oil change» (change oil), developed by Mark URWERK, as well as 60-second counter. The back side of the lid is closed hours of titanium, which conceals the mechanism with automatic winding.

The model is equipped with built-in crown, a protective device, adjusting the two provisions. Water Resistant – 3 ATM.UR-110 watch manufactory equipped with a mechanism UR 9.01 Automatic. Mechanism built on 46 stones, the frequency of – 28 800 vph, power reserve – 39 hours. The mechanism is equipped with a rotating winding with one side of the rotor, controlled by dual turbines.

The original model UR-110 from the Swiss company Urwerk – a combination of classical noble metal and innovative technologies.

Soon the site will be supplemented by a video clip presentation of the model.

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