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With every hour closer rises the most fabulous holiday of the year – a change of years. And perhaps the main protagonist of this event, as always, will watch, leading the countdown the last seconds of the year.

On the eve of New Year, some watch companies have released models with a dragon – the symbol of the coming year.

As patron of the new Chinese horoscope 2012 is a mythical creature – black water dragon.

Dragon, perhaps, exists in all known mythological systems, but in Chinese mythology it is central. Unlike European dragons (traditionally the carriers of evil), the Chinese mythical creatures symbolize the strength and kindness.

There are many types of Chinese dragons: Feng Yun residents divided by the number of their claws, the color and the ability to fly (dragon occupy a higher level of hierarchy). This mythical image has inspired many designers to create thematic hours.

Collection Petite Heure Minute Dragon Majestic Beijing of Jaquet Droz

Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz for its history, took a special interest in China, and, as a tribute to the centuries-old traditions and culture of the Middle Kingdom, in the New Year’s Eve has released a collection of Petite Heure Minute Dragon Majestic Beijing. The basis for the creation of a new lineup was a legend of the imperial dragon.

In China the dragon is also considered a symbol of imperial power. The most famous of the mythological family, perhaps, is golden-yellow dragon with two horns and five claws on their feet.

According to legend, in the throat of this fantastic creature who is the personification of supreme spiritual power, the magic is hidden pearl of wisdom – a symbol of harmony and achieving goals, as well as wisdom and righteousness of solutions of the emperor.

Against the background of enamel dial ivory depicts two Chinese imperial dragon, fighting for a magic pearl. Figure made in the technique of Grand Feu (in translation – “the hot enamel”) applied to the surface of the dial glass-colored powder, which is then fired. With the help of this complex system can create colored enameling insert, similar to the inlay with gems.

Masters of Jaquet Droz dyes added to the smallest particles of gold, resulting in hours were truly luxurious look and “flashed” never been seen before painting. Flicker scaly dragons phone dial sets off the vivid colors and smooth lines stretching arrow further reinforce the overall effect.

To display the time using off-center dial with extra digital classic style layout, designed to resemble the eternal connection between East and West.

Hours HMS1 Dragon from Arnold & Son

Clock, decorated with symbols of the coming year, also released a Swiss watch company Arnold & Son. The figurine is made of a mythical creature rose gold and remarkably contrasts with the black lacquered dial, which is located on a circle barely visible hour markers. The prototype for a golden image of mythical figures became an animal carved in the majestic Wall of Nine Dragons, based in Beijing, in the Forbidden City. Exquisite gold applique is made by hand.

A collection of Dragon and Phoenix from Piaget

In December, the company Piaget presented his new collection of Dragon & Phoenix, released to celebrate the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar. The new line is represented by more than 20 wristwatch, decorated with figures of Dragon and Phoenix – the main symbols of yin and yang in oriental cosmology and mythology. In Chinese culture the dragon is a symbol of courage, wisdom and power, and the phoenix – the personification of feminine splendor, beauty and compassion.

The male models on a black dial contrast with the figure of a luxurious golden dragon and a white dial is engraved with a female model Phoenix, decorated with 355 diamonds.

When making a clock was used by traditional Chinese technique applying enamel.

Opening the dragon of Wei & Friends

Watchmakers Czech company Wei & Friends, following the lead of their Swiss counterparts, in 2011, announced the release of two new models (Ref. 800.1 and Ref. 800.2) with the image of the imperial dragon, which differ from each other mythical animal location on the dial and color – black gray with red elements (800.1) or orange-terracotta (800.2).

Images of the imperial dragon on white enamel dials are made by hand by artists Doris and Lalin Menslovoy Oplova.

New items released limited edition of 8 copies.

Watches Classico Enamel Champleve Dragon Limited Edition of Ulysse Nardin

Watchmaker Ulysse Nardin also announced the release of a wristwatch with a dragon. The model Classico Enamel Champleve Dragon Limited Edition from Ulysse Nardin is presented in two versions – in the case of 18K white and rose gold. Each version is limited edition of 30 copies.

Magnificent Dragon is a dark blue background dial. Picture of mythical creature made in the technique of cloisonne enamel. To recreate the most realistic image of a dragon managed through the use of a miniature mesh of gold threads (the thickness of no more than a hair).

It filled in some pieces of colored enamel, and thus form a unique pattern that shows the smallest details, down to each of the scales.

Watch Dragon Gate Legend of Cornelius & Cie

Thematic model also produced a young Swiss watchmaker Cornelius & Cie. Partly on the dial is engraved skeletonirovannom episode from the ancient Chinese legend about the conversion of carp into a dragon.

According to legend, a carp swimming upstream to the mythical Dragon Gate. Overcome all obstacles in its path, he gets to the gate, passing through which is transformed into awe-inspiring dragon. Myth confirms a well-established tenet for Homo sapiens – only overcome all difficulties and obstacles, we can achieve success in life.

Under the image are viewed artfully decorated mechanism details.

General concept of time model perfectly complement the central direction of unusual shape, resembling wood.

Watch fascinated excellent artistic engraving completed by renowned master printmaker and co-founder, Cornelius & Cie Engelbarts Keys.

Watch Caruso Chinese Dragon Limited Edition of Blancpain

New Year’s holiday’s watchmaker Blancpain has also released a limited series of watches with the symbols of the coming year. Watch Caruso Chinese Dragon Limited Edition models differ from the above location dragon. Picture of the mythical animal is engraved on the back of the clock. Engraving done skillfully – with careful study of the silhouette and the smallest detail.

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