Maserati Time Clocks. In 2012 will witness the birth of a new brand: Maserati Time.



In 2012 will witness the birth of a new brand: Maserati Time.

The union of two historic Italian companies, Morellato & Sector and Maserati, perfect combination of elegance and quality manufacturing culture and a symbol of extraordinary national, was created a new line of watches.

Maserati Time clocks will be presented to the public at the next Watch Fair to be held in Basel from 8th to March 15th next, in a setting so important in the future will have a frame label to the occasion.

All eyes will be focused on this opertori international news’ that faces in the highly competitive world of watchmaking using its name steeped in mystique and prestige.

The elements that distinguish these watches belong to the DNA of two companies: the elegant design, innovative solutions and meticulous attention to detail, always present and characteristic, they are the heritage value guarded by both.

The symbol appears on the historic precious timepiece is “trident” logo on the dial campeggera, which will be played on the rims of the car enhanced by them, and crown.

For the fans of the four wheels can not escape the element counters, inspired by the instrumentation and the use of high-quality leather straps that reflect the colors and upholstery care Maserati.

A long history of the trident, born in 1914 in Modena in a local context, within a few decades become one of the major international players, who now faces a major challenge, facing the watch market supported by the experience of Morellato & Sector, international leader in the creation, production and commercialization of watches and jewelry.

They shared traditions and values that belong to them and represent the unique and highly refined Italian style in the World.

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