Making a running line with their own hands.Firms and advertising agencies

Making a running line with their own hands


Firms and advertising agencies, who are engaged in manufacturing equipment (advertising) of any complexity, provide a range of different advertising media. Highly popular, as of today, such orders are advertiser’s currency board, making a running line and watch the thermometer.

Creating a ticker or scoreboard clock thermometer exchange as possible to fit inside the various rooms and buildings, as well as for installation in public transport, outdoor use.

The materials used to create these types of advertising media to more fully meet the security requirements that apply to them. These requirements include: resistance to many external factors and the ability to work (uninterrupted) at different ambient temperatures, as well as wear resistance, moisture resistance, frost resistance.

All electrical filling these carriers must be in an inaccessible place (to others), as well as be perfectly insulated. In the case of poor or abusive installation, or installation of equipment, as well as the occurrence of unpleasant consequences as a result of the object that is not installed correctly, it is the responsibility of the advertising firm, which owns the advertising medium.

Marquee is the advertising medium of the new generation, which contains elements of computer control. This means that it must more fully meet the security requirements for both staff, which provides services to crawl and update information as well as to others.

Clock and thermometer display rates – the most commonly used form of advertising. These boards are ubiquitous.

Clock thermometer, as well as currency boards are installed in the premises of various institutions and in public transport, on the street.

They can be found in restaurants, cafeterias, recreational centers, banks, offices, gas stations on the road, large and small shopping centers, roadside cafes, shops, beauty salons; the list goes on and on.

Safety requirements for such carriers – moisture resistance, durability, insulation, electricians, safe connection and frost.

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