Lithuanian racer and watch Vostok Europe.44-year-old racer Gintautas Igaris become the new ambassador

watch Vostok Europe


44-year-old racer Gintautas Igaris become the new ambassador watchmaking company Vostok Europe. Igaris is the only member of the famous Lithuanian ‘Dakar’.

Now adorn the wrist of the Lithuanian racer watch Anchar, who will have to withstand extreme conditions of the rally over 9000 kilometers through South America. This distance racer overcome a motorcycle Yamaha WR 450F.

These hours are named in honor of the submarine K-162 Anchar, which for speed and maneuverability (82.8 km / h) was entered in the Guinness Book of Records and is still unsurpassed.

watch Vostok Europe
The first batch of watches was tested Anchar Marine Special Forces NATO, as well as Greek scholars of the Institute of Underwater Archaeology, scuba excavations. By tightness of the housing (300 meters) hours Anchar fully meet the international standard ISO 2281 for diving timepieces.So we can say with certainty that these clocks will stand the dust and sand rally.

To illuminate the hour markers and hands Anchar used special cone with tritium, which ensures constant luminescence. Just watch is equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel, providing the diver an opportunity to note the time the ascent, and the rider, for example, time of arrival.

Hours are 48-millimeter case with black PVD-coated. Dial in black and blue, with an aperture date at “6 o’clock”. The crown is in the direction of “2:00.” Delivered clock on a white rubber strap in a waterproof shockproof briefcase.

The company was founded by Vostok Europe CEO Chistopol watch factory “Vostok” watchmaker and Vladislav Tsivilin Igor Zubovsky. They met and decided to create a brand new joint venture called Vostok-Europe, as it embodies a long-standing dream of a Russian connection in one country, two sides of the world.

His first watch company to Vostok Europe has shown Basel show in 2004. A German version of the contest “Best watch on price-quality relationship” chronometers Vostok Europe have earned the highest score of 15 out of 15.

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