Hamilton Khaki Tachymiler

Hamilton Khaki Tachymiler


Chronograph Automatic Tachymiler is lines Khaki Aviation – professional watch for aircraft with its own special functions. It’s nice that Hamilton – one of the brands, which all is very clear in terms of specialization of collections. Those of Hamilton, actually, two: American Classic, including classic and design models, and Khaki – military watches.

In turn, divided into 4 Khaki Line (Aviation, Action, Fields and Navy), each dedicated to a separate combat arm of the U.S. Army and is the model most comfortable and useful for sea, air or land. In this respect, Hamilton – one of the most professional manufacturers of hours for an active lifestyle. No wonder Hamilton for several decades is the official watch brand Air Force and U.S. Navy.

The president himself of Hamilton Matthias Breshan appreciated Aviation line like this: “Of course I am aware that the watch does not really need pilots of modern aircraft, equipped the most accurate technique.

However, if you appreciate real aviastil, it is best to choose these aviachasy tested in real conditions, not by “on the subject.”

Hamilton Khaki Tachymiler – just real aircraft hours in which predetermined design functionality. Button chronograph and crown are located, as is common for pilots, with the left hand, so it was convenient to click on them with his thumb in a leather glove. Really comfortable in a different color buttons, start and stop the chronograph – they can be distinguished in the dark.

Very attractive looks and design of the dial: the mark of “3:00” is the second hand side, below the 30-minute counter and hour meter master Hamilton without regret sacrificed for big calendar “day of week or date.”

Own complications Hamilton Khaki Tachymiler, which immediately distinguish this model from other aviahronografov – tachymeter bezel with allowing distance measurement is in meters, and miles (we are still talking about the U.S. Air Force), and located on the outer rim of the dial professional aviation tachymeter Rotation Speed VR, which allows the pilot to calculate take-off for a sufficient rate. His red marking corresponds to the color of buttons start the chronograph.

We can say that if the owner learns to use these hours are not just as a convenient and prestigious auto chronograph, and mastered all of its features – it is already halfway to the flying license.

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