Hamilton Khaki from dusk to dusk.If you do not take into account the range of Ventura

Hamilton Khaki


If you do not take into account the range of Ventura, which is, of course, hallmark Hamilton, then the second product of the cult classic Swiss brand with the American spirit should be considered a collection of Khaki. These sports watch with a pronounced extreme character is very popular among young fans of high timekeeping.

The latest addition to the family of two models is Khaki with poetic names: Sunset («Sunset”) and Twilight («Twilight”). According to the creators, they are ideal “pilot preparing for take-off night, or a vampire about to hunt in the big city after midnight.”

Hamilton Khaki
The mention of blood-sucking apes is not accidental. The design was inspired by the Khaki Twilight motion picture in 1954 «I’m Legend», telling about the vampire world. It is in these hours on a wide screen will soon be Will Smith, starring in a remake of an old picture of the fresh. Dial Khaki Twilight is divided into two halves – white and black, symbolizing the unity of day and night, twice a day merge together for a short period of twilight. The exact time of onset of this period can be found through a vertical aperture in the “12”.

There are only two “but”: it is attached to the coordinates of New York and unfortunately, is only for 1.11 and 21 of each month. Month names are engraved on a fixed rentier: the top is determined by the exact time of dusk, on the bottom – its completion. At the sectoral window in the “3” next to the pointer date, billed the “home” the 24-hour format, which greatly facilitates Nightlife inmate at a distant foreign land. And finally, we can not ignore the patented system to protect the crown, which, together with traditional carved clock ensures water resistance to 200 meters.

As for the Khaki Sunset, stated as a professional tool for pilots, it marked the names of six welt world capitals with their exact geographic coordinates. Aperture is set to “12” shows the exact time of sunset in these cities the 15th of each month. The model comes with dials, black or white with fluorescent labels, structurally it is completely identical to the Khaki Twilight.

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