GTE 2012: new company Ladoire. During the exhibition, Geneva Time Exhibition 2012 Ladoire company

GTE 2012


During the exhibition, Geneva Time Exhibition 2012 Ladoire company is the next “chapter” Collection Black Widow – watch Mr.Ice. Expressive face full depth of the original “architecture”, “exposing” an amazing job of gears and all the “layers” of a unique mechanism – all – watch Mr.Ice, which hardly worth considering in a hurry.

Mr.Ice – new men’s wristwatch, which is a luxurious collection of limited edition Black Widow, the company Ladoire. The main feature of this model has become “multi-layer” mechanism, all the “layers” which are presented to the owner, made using a unique system of ceramic micro ball bearings.

GTE 2012
Asymmetric body clock – the embodiment of the avant-garde style, consists of two discs, one of which indexes the clock, the other – a minute. Bezel, mid case and case back are made of titanium Grande category 5, and the whole body is made of titanium PVD coating type A-DLC. Titanium crown is in position “8” hours, and chronograph button is located at position “2” hours. The dial cover dome sapphire crystal, with antireflection coating. The back cover is also made of sapphire.

Water resistance of the model is 50 meters.

Watches are made on the basis of the manufacturing machinery Calvet/02 Automatic, equipped with a micro motor. The mechanism is equipped with 38 stones, has a 52-hour power reserve and a frequency balance of 18.000 pc / h. The thickness gauge – 10.95 mm. The uniqueness of this mechanism is also the fact that it includes a W-shaped bridge and specially optimized screws.

Index of hours, minutes and seconds is a specially patented drive – HMS Planetary ®, which work on ceramic micro ball bearings.

Hours and minutes are indexed by the discs, which are located one above the other. While the 20-second intervals are indexed on a small display with three arrows in position “3” hours, a large central arrow, located on the index dial skeletonirovannom GMT.

A place between the positions of “8” and “6” set aside the designers of this model for indexing time in six time zones. Hours Mr.Ice – ergonomic model, equipped with a matte black belt in genuine alligator.

Hours Mr.Ice limited edition of 12 copies.

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