Gold watch from Swatch. The appearance of a gold watch from Swatch , famous for his first budget segment

Gold watch


The appearance of a gold watch from Swatch , famous for his first budget segment, it may seem a step in the higher price segment.

However, this is not the case. A new collection of watches from the company’s Irony Chrono Swatch demonstrates the use of new PVD-coating, so popular today in industry. Only if there is usually PVD coating condensate is used to add a fashionable hour body black, the Swatch decided to cover it with gold.

As a result, three models were created, representing a new gold collection of Swatch Irony Chrono. Gold PVD-coating is applied to the surgical steel 316L, creating a matte surface texture, which gives a certain charm watches discreet luxury.Gold coating is applied to the casing, crown, chronograph buttons in the “2 and 4 o’clock,” and even a metal bracelet.

On the dial at the top are two chronological counter, and the “6:00” is a small dial with second hand (as the central chronograph seconds hand belongs to). In the “3:00” is a small circular date window. Goes around the dial tachometer scale. On the hour and minute hands Luminescent applied composition.

From each other by three new models of watches Swatch Irony Chrono differ only in color scheme dial. Tachometer scale and additional small dials retain their golden color, but the foundation may be at the buyer’s black, gold or green (with a central second hand green).

Thanks for the idea of using a PVD gold case and bracelet, Swatch made luxury more affordable for many people who can not afford to buy a watch in case the whole of this precious metal. But what’s the difference, as can be seen only the outer layer of gold – PVD it, or watch entirely made of gold?

The only difference in the reaction of the body for scratches usual yellow gold is covered with scratches, but a thin layer of PVD denudes the steel framework, which lies under the coating. Because PVD is nothing more than a very thin coating, which settles on the clock during a process.

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