Faster speed. January 16 at the Geneva exhibition company Tag Heuer

Faster speed


January 16 at the Geneva exhibition company Tag Heuer introduced a rapid new product – Microgirder 2000.

As the name implies, the new chronograph can measure time to within 1 / 2000 second. Without wasting time for nothing, Tag Heuer surpassed his own record is exactly twice!

Faster speed
However, for this had to work hard and re-invent the movement. See for yourself. In 2009, the developers have taken out of the Pendulum model carrying a spiral. In 2011 Mikrotimer lost balance wheel.

Microgirder 2012 is not burdened by neither the one nor the other. The new system uses a linear oscillator adjustment by which the clock is not the force of gravity.

The heart beats with a record hours for the chronograph frequency – 1000 Hz or 7.2 million strikes per hour – 250 times faster than normal hours. Second hand while making 20 revolutions per second! If the dial glass was removable, hot weather in 2000 Microgirder quite managed to function with Hand fan.

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