Fantastic Four hours Champions Black Belt Watch. September 14, 1974 in the sports arena in Los Angeles



September 14, 1974 in the sports arena in Los Angeles, California (USA), was the first world championship in kickboxing. Champions of the tournament were Isaias Duenas (Mexico) – a lightweight, Bill Wallace (USA) – middleweight champion, Jeff Smith (USA) – Light Heavyweight Champion and Joe Lewis (USA) – in the heavy weight division.

After this victory, athletes are no longer met. But after 37 years of Charles Emery (Switzerland), the founder of “Pantheon of sports and martial arts,” the dream Champions gathered them together in the hall of fame, where Ivan Arpa – founder of Black Belt Watch – personally gave each of them watch Black Belt Watch .

Opening of the company are available in two versions – for professionals and a black belt and BB Series for the fans, to live by the basic provisions of Bushido: honor, respect, honesty, loyalty and generosity.

Charles Emery said: “I am impressed by this event, because the Fantastic Four, which laid the foundations for a new sport so popular right now, gathered together again. I am proud that he was able to put their share in this great event. ”

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