Birth of a new series of art hours from Invicta. To achieve a more attractive and memorable way to design hours



To achieve a more attractive and memorable way to design hours and give them more charming hour Invicta company decided to cooperate with well-known contemporary artists. New items are made with Ernie Veyls (Erni Vales), an artist from New York, and Nick Gentry (Nick Gentry) from the UK.

Opening created limited edition and are part of a new art series Art Series, which is part of the line Russian Diver.

Ernie began his prolific Veyls career in New York. Initially he worked with graffiti by applying it to design the subway cars. But apart from the excellent three-dimensional images with colorful graffiti, he also created paintings on canvas that have received universal recognition.

For a company renowned artist Invicta has developed three models Lace Twin (11 151), Leather Twin (11 152) and the Panda Suit (11 153). The name of each model displays a picture of the content presented on the watch dial. Each model is produced in limited numbers to 777 copies.

All three products have identical characteristics. Massive hull diameter of 52 mm are made of brushed stainless steel. Screwed case back is decorated with autographed artist. In the round of the watch is built quartz movement. The dials are equipped with a radiant pattern central arrows, covered with fluorescent substances that contribute to its ideal readability. Water-resistant models is up to 100 meters.

New items are delivered to the strap of high quality polyurethane with steel buckle. To watch gift box included, also designed by Ernie Veylsom. The cost is $ 400 per hour.

The second celebrity from the world of arts, wishing to join the company Invicta, was Nick Gentry, whose work is influenced by consumerism, the old technology and cyberculture. It is widely recognized for its innovative pictures on floppy disks.

Nick Gentry has created only one model of a wristwatch, which is displayed on the dial of his paintings Secret Key. Rectangular new slightly curved, and repeats the shape of the wrist. Crown is equipped with a protective cap and chain. Watches were issued in two versions: with a coating of silver and red gold. Novelty comes in an elegant leather strap and released in a limited quantity of 777 copies.

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