Where to buy a watch «Omega» in Moscow



Nicole Kidman at the presentation of a new collection of watch brand Omega.

Past stamps «Omega» was nice and rich in achievement. In 1848, Louis Brandt opened a workshop, where he soon began to boil work. Master spent many hours of painstaking work to create high-hours. Soon the company started to flourish, and the leadership after the death of Louis fell into the hands of his sons.
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Toy Watch watches on the wrists of Michelle Obama

Toy Watch


Did you know that your wrists have always been seen as the most presidential?

It seems that Marilyn Monroe beautiful gift ‘to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a Rolex watch after the world-famous greeting song that he sang during his forty-fifth birthday.
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Review of Fossil watches

Fossil watches


Watches Fossil – it’s brightness and individuality, which is suitable for all occasions. A distinctive feature of all models of the company is the old traditions, which contain an element of modern fashion trends. Retro 50’s in a unique design – it’s entire collection of styles, but each model, there is the unique feature that gives the rigorous classical style, extraordinary originality and style.
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