Watches Calvin Klein, what’s popular? First introduced on the market in 1997



First introduced on the market in 1997, watch Calvin Klein, like most of the accessories of the fashion house, somewhat shocked audience.

First, they were released in partnership with the company Swatch Group, which already included Tissot and Certina. The second factor was the design of the watch Calvin Klein. The designer of the first collection – Arlette Emsh, has managed to combine two opposites: Q and respectability Swiss Swatch, and innovative “sumasshedshinku” Klein. Success was not long in coming. This is understandable.

Ostromodnye, original and at the same time, accessible and democratic hours, and won the hearts of the younger generation and those elegant age.

Each year in the collection of Calvin Klein watches are reviewed three main areas.

  • Eto model design, and unpredictable in design and appearance.
  • Women’s model is based on simple lines. Its elegance can take hours as a fashion accessory.
  • Men’s clock model, as a rule, stylish and practical.
    Watches Calvin Klein, not only proof of good taste of the owner, is also an indicator of its status. They are always relevant and recognizable.

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