Watch-one million of Patek Philippe at Christie’s auction. At the auction Christie’s, which took place in mid-November 2011

Patek Philippe


At the auction Christie’s, which took place in mid-November 2011, in the category of Important Watches Patek Philippe watch company again confirmed that the most successful brand. Three models of the company were sold at auction over a million euros each…

In total, thanks to Patek Philippe wristwatch auction in 2011, was rescued from the trade over 21 million euros. Products known company Patek Philippe of Geneva is a continuing focus of attention of collectors, and interest in the masterpieces of the brand is not abating. Therefore, the auction results will surprise nobody.

Patek Philippe
The first model sold for 1,190,463 euros, were rare watches Patek Philippe Reference 3449 with perpetual calendar and moon phase.

The second model Patek Philippe Reference 1579, representing a rare platinum chronograph, was sold for 1,656,339 euros. There are three models of these watches with serial numbers are known in the world.

The uniqueness of hours is relatively large diameter of 36 mm in the case and original faceted tips in the form of a spider.

A third became a millionaire Patek Philippe Reference 3448, who retired from the auction for 1,749,701 euros. Lot owner is the case in pink gold with automatic movement, complicated function of the perpetual calendar and moon phases. Model howled released in 1962 in a limited quantity of 585 copies.

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