Watch company Baume & Mercier celebrates Christmas with 200 thousand fans. Where does the figure of 200 000 fans Baume & Mercier?

Baume & Mercier


Where does the figure of 200 000 fans Baume & Mercier? In fact, she only looks great – in some Rolex fans, no less. Only here the Baume & Mercier came up as to count them on the head – thanks to the official Facebook page and subscribe to its users. In gratitude “for what you have” watchmaker Baume & Mercier has prepared for his friends a lot of surprises.

Starting from December 1, Baume & Mercier for all 24 days of Advent will pripodnosit daily to their subscribers on Facebook surprises and presents compelling stories of the skill, time and heritage collections in time at home Baume & Mercier. In general, the days before Christmas for fans of the brand promise to be very interesting, useful and enjoyable thanks to fascinating information and gifts.

Baume & Mercier
The head of the watch company Baume & Mercier Allen Zimmerman says:

“Our goal is to further strengthen communication with its customers, fans and friends. With them, we are ready to share all of the most cherished with regard to watchmaking. Although this is our profession and we understand it better, we are always ready to listen to the opinion fans of our watches.

In addition, the holiday company Baume & Mercier and happy for myself – so we can publicly thank their most valuable employees and partners for their loyalty and devotion to our company. And of course this is our chance to attract new people who can learn more about our company time. ”

As many as two hundred thousand friends from all over the World – this is the best proof of the success of watch brand Baume & Mercier. All these people talk to each other and share their impressions about their hours, as well as the stories are priceless memories.

This is a kind of “viral advertising”, because every fan of the Baume & Mercier automatically notifies friends about belonging to a community brand.

Baume & Mercier, meanwhile proud and grateful to his fans the opportunity to take part in their emotional life. Each of its 200 thousand fans company Baume & Mercier gives an opportunity for bright and familiarizing busy life brand, one of whose motto is: “Our life is made up of moments.”

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