Tokyoflash watches with changeover board. Indication by means of wall-board



Indication by means of wall-board, each of us could see the old alarm clocks, billboards or information in airports and train stations.

Tokyoflash company proposing to implement a time display wrist watch with toggle board. The design of this model for an unknown Tokyoflash made under the name Gordon.

Hours instead of arrows, the LCD screen or Led-lights the puzzle that we usually expect from Tokyoflash, have a glass case displays a miniature version of toggle-style seventies. The shape of the watch is a stylized display: rectangular, elongated.

At the moment, Gordon presented for a concept like Tokyoflash watches. Similarly, details of its implementation are not yet known whether it would be just an imitation of the LCD screen, or natural electromechanical system that displays hours and minutes in a steam jacking plates. The main advantage of “natural” version of the electro-mechanical time display is a low power consumption battery or spring – it almost does not need to show evidence of fixed hours and minutes.

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