The company is BALL Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph Watches. All brand Ball is a new watch Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph

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All brand Ball is a new watch Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph (Ref. CM2052D-LJ-BK), combining the two at once the most popular complications: an indicator of world time and chronograph.

Watches Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph (Ref. CM2052D-LJ-BK) dressed in a round steel case with a diameter of 42 mm, thickness 13.7 mm and water resistant 50 meters. The dial is available in two versions – black or white. On hands and hour indices are installed overhead microtubules, filled with gaseous tritium. Second hand put to a small dial in the “9 o’clock”. In a dual aperture at “3 o’clock” are indicators of the date and day of week (weekends are highlighted in red).

Indication of the global time provides a rotating 24 hour inner dial with a pointer to the day and night (not just black and white, but painted red sun and a golden crescent moon). Names of towns brought to the periphery of the dial and automatically rotate counter-clockwise, that after setting provides a continuous display of all 24 time zones.

That is, is the master clock only once (when placing the exact time), adjust the scale indicator and other time zones will not have to flounder, exposing the exact time of the city in which you fly – it will be displayed automatically.

Performs the role of the chronograph central seconds hand, as well as a 30-minute counter at “12 o’clock” and the 12-hour at the “6 o’clock”.

The dial is decorated with an image of the globe with meridians. The crown is screwed.

The back cover is transparent and shows through the sapphire crystal automatic clockwork Ball 352, based on ETA 7750 and has udarozaschitoy to 5000 Gs.

New hours Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph (Ref. CM2052D-LJ-BK) is available on the strap of black crocodile leather with steel buckle. Title hours partly derived from the word “train” – in 1930, when the company Ball has just appeared, she was engaged in manufacture of railway stations for hours, as well as handheld options for conductors. Since then, Ball pays tribute to its history, calling some of his line engineer, conductor, etc.

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