The Citizen Divers Watches. The dives are for someone like me, a fun and enjoyable pastime



The dives are for someone like me, a fun and enjoyable pastime, but for others they are a real profession.

In any case, diving involves elements of risk. For this reason, a watch designed for the practice of diving must meet certain standards so that the use during the dive concern because it does not give reliable performance.

In 1982 these standards were established by ‘International Organization for Standardization ISO6425 standard with the issue of establishing requirements and test methods for diver’s watches.

Compliance with the requirements of ISO quoted Diver’s watches separating the real from those that have just the look but not the features.

In addition to the specifications adopted by ISO, Citizen also notes the Japanese Industrial Standards (Japan Industrial Standard B7023 “Diver’s watches – Classification and performance”).

These standards, published in 1993 reflect the dictates of the ISO with some minor differences, including the fact that separate the two types of immersion, such as “Air and Scuba” diving “and” Mixed gas “and Saturation” diving .

In addition, diving watches Citizen introduce additional test where the watch is subjected to a simulation of immersion continued for 50 continuous hours to verify the performance after prolonged stress.

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