Review of hours of Benetton. All products of Benetton – a vivid and memorable products.

Review of hours


All products of Benetton – a vivid and memorable products. Such is the fashion did not pass and watch the production of which is engaged in the same way this Italian company.

The most popular collection of watches Benetton: Bakelite, Beaty, Piano, Logo, Radio Digit, Racer, Round Band, Rectangular Vertical, United and TV Screen. All this variety of models is very different from each other, but all united by modifying an unusual design and attractive appearance, which will surely find its fans around the world. For instance, watch from Rectangular Vertical colored decorations have housing, housing the clock can be positioned both horizontally and vertically.

A special new system strap makes it easy to change and challenges them, picking the one that like most specifically for each customer. If we talk about a series of hours Racer company Benetton, then here’s a little different. On the contrary, rigorous and thoughtful form, polished shiny casing – all the evidence indicates that these are serious times for serious and quite wealthy people.

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