Planetary hours Fortis. In 2012 the Swiss watch company Fortis marks exactly one hundred

Planetary hours Fortis


In 2012 the Swiss watch company Fortis marks exactly one hundred years from the time when it was founded in Grenchen Walter Vogt. In connection with the anniversary of the company announces the release of new limited hours B-47 Mysterious Planets, whose design is inspired by the planetary map of our solar system, which is reflected on the dials of the new models.

Hours are available in two versions: ref. 677-20-31-L01 with its sleek black face and ref. 677-20-35-M with the face of sky-blue, as the relevant space topics. Hours are clad in stainless steel round casing having a water resistance of 200 meters. Rotating the dial on the sectors represented by the orbit of Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury revolve around the sun, which performs the role of the central minute hand.

The planets are the same round in which the windows as you rotate the dial there are sectors of the numbers corresponding to the current hour. Such a display of time until this day has never met in some other astronomical wristwatch. As you move the five planets appearance dial is constantly changing – every time you look at a few other watches on the wrist.

Inside mounted automatic clockwork. Delivered watch the B-47 Mysterious Planets on a steel bracelet, a leather strap in black, or silicone rubber strap blue.

Opening a B-47 Mysterious Planets released limited edition of 500 copies. Novelty can buy for around 5500 dollars – the price varies slightly depending on the strap or bracelet.

Fortis name means “strong”. For the past hundred years, watch this company are faithful companions sailors, pilots and even astronauts.

Perhaps due to the maintenance of such cooperation, this watch company not only survived at the time of the quartz crisis “flood” of many Swiss manufacturers, but also presented new developments.

New hours B-47 Mysterious Planets are simple and at the same time a unique design. They do not shout about its unusual – it’s obvious.

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