Piaget company has breathed into his first boutique in Zurich, a new life! In December of last year Piaget has opened a new boutique

Piaget company


In December of last year Piaget has opened a new boutique known for its production Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, which this year is literally reborn. Striving for excellence in serving its customers, the company Piaget decided to breathe in his first boutique second life, completely changed his registration with the new architectural concepts, responsibility for which rests with the Christine Querlioz of studio Atelier Sasha in Paris.

The main task of Christine – a modern environment in which side by side are high skill and elegance, in harmony while expressing great wealth of the brand.

True to his country, known watch brand Piaget is proud to have used their new concept boutique in Zurich it was in December 2011. A completely new design boutique, was an important event for the brand, witnessed by all the outlets of one of the most expensive and exclusive shopping avenue in the world Bahnhofstrasse.

Since its inception, but rather opening its first boutique in Geneva in 1958, the Piaget watch company demonstrates a continuous commitment to closer ties with the fans of the works of Piaget.

This “family concept” brand has kept to this day, which now features a brand among the other manufacturers of high quality watches and jewelry companies. It is no accident that the first Geneva boutique called “The Show” as welcomed customers a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Piaget company
Geneva boutique on Rue du Rhone for over twenty years was the only boutique of Piaget, whose clients have been numerous celebrities and representatives of royal families, who charmed the friendly atmosphere, interior and beautiful creatures Piaget.

Today, the company Piaget confirms its status of “hospitality brand,” and that is why a new design boutique in Zurich was not accidental.

For Piaget boutique opening in Zurich has become critically important, but rather a strategic move nearer to their Swiss and German clients.

The new design boutique fully conveys the identity of the Swiss watchmaking house and its attachment to the German-speaking Switzerland.

Boutique with its new design will move into the building – 19th century, which was the age-old flower shop. Its ancient facade of black wood and high ceilings which give it a unique charm, were intentionally retained. Apparently, the great masters of Piaget love the colors, especially the rose, which perfectly conveys the magic in their hours, was the choice of the future premises of 160 square meters, which retains the aroma of flowers.

The new design concept, executed in black and gold, heightens the sense of careful treatment of each individual, even the smallest detail when creating watches Piaget. The facade, whose walls are covered with patinovye black, gold and blue mosaic Sicis, oak furniture, a track made of black stone, framed parquet, and a soft warm light the room well-known brand show affection for the traditions and the extreme exceptionality creations Piaget.

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