Omega Excellence In Design. Since its birth, the high level achieved



Since its birth, the high level achieved in the design was a distinctive feature of OMEGA.

The brand is proud to have received a number of design awards almost equal to that of the victories in the races of accuracy. The aesthetic inspiration and innovative design are not limited to historical models OMEGA.

The Constellation Collection, recently reissued, maintains its peculiarities, but was renewed and restructured in a stylish and contemporary, the collection Sea master Aqua Terra, with its special dials “Teak Concept”, is modern and sporty at the same time; Speed master Chronograph is the world’s most popular and one of the most copied watches ever.

The idea took shape thanks to its designer, who presented the first drawings to the leadership OMEGA. Once a decision on the major aesthetic; the computer creates a 3D model of the new OMEGA watch at the hands of designers and engineers, in order to discard unworkable ideas on a technical level.

The very first prototype was made with a special 3D printer for the first time the designers’ drawings come to life, giving a concrete idea of how their creativity can express itself in an OMEGA watch.

It is at this stage is termed the most aesthetic details. After molding, our suppliers participate in the next phase of the development process, during which decisions are made about the type of material selected, the color of the dial and hands.

The first prototypes were then produced and submitted to senior management and the various markets, which has the final decision.

When the new clock, and the movement in particular, have passed the quality control and have been rigorously tested, it goes into production.

Leafing through a catalog or consult OMEGA collections of watches will be impressed by the variety of proposed models. You will find that the revolutionary Sea master 1200M, as its name implies, is water resistant to 1200 meters; Constellation watches, with their iconic “brand” the Speed master Professional, which has always attended all the NASA missions inhabited by over 45 years, including six lunar landings, or even the De Ville timepiece, elegant and refined.

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