New models of women’s watches from Graff Galaxy.Watch company Graff presented new models of watches

women's watches


Watch company Graff presented new models of watches; have filled a line of women’s watches Galaxy. Elegant new inlaid with emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Novelties fascinating combination of magnificent refined in design, craftsmanship and traditional Swiss chaos proizvodstva .

Surprisingly feminine and perfect the model by hand adorned with precious stones. In the inlay hours used 45 diamonds, 39 rubies, emeralds and sapphires many. The stones on the bracelet and case follow each other, forming a scattered pattern on the sky of luminous stars. They are located at low altitude from each other, creating, thus, the illusion of movement.

Thirty-carat dazzling brilliance and ideal form of perfect appearance form new products.

Founded in 1960 by jeweler Laurence Graff, the jewelry company Graff became known for its unique jewelry. Six years after its founding, the best design for the jewelry brand has received the award «Diamonds International Award». The company became the first Graff jewelry brand that celebrates the identification number of each diamond, which again confirms the high quality products.

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