New hours RumbaTime Go and electronic payments.Either way, the electronic money is increasingly present in our lives.

New hours


Either way, the electronic money is increasingly present in our lives. In the plans of politicians in the next few years may have been completely replaced by electronic money paper counterparts. And today, NFC technology for payment systems penetrate the area of electronic watches. And if you are already quite possible to pay for something through Google Wallet with the same smartphone, why not adapt to this electronic wristwatch?

E-Go and the novelty is created by RumbaTime. Inside the watch is set NFC-chip, which allows to make electronic payments. And of course as an important tool can be personified: the surface of hours RumbaTime Go can deliver your phone number, in case you lose your wrist electronic purse.

Hours RumbaTime Go have four buttons, a small LCD screen and fully integrated into the body strap. In addition to a variety of colors, are offered in three sizes watch strap: 160, 180 and 200 mm.

The basis of this new company took the watch from RumbaTime line Vandam. But the possibility of electronic payment is implemented through integrated into the watch strap Vita. That is, no payments are made via hours, due to a small window with options on the strap. That is, if you wish you could just buy a watch strap and Vita for about $ 20 a year to use as an electronic purse.

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