National Ukrainian watches Watch-UP. Exhibition in Kiev, which was devoted to high-tech features

National Ukrainian watches


Exhibition in Kiev, which was devoted to high-tech features of the material DuPont Corian, founder and lead designer of the Ukrainian company introduced Shimma watches Watch-UP, made out of this progressive material. Of course, it is now, perhaps, no surprise new high-tech material for the body, or clockwork, but it’s not about that.

These watches are made in a pronounced national aesthetics.

Presentation of hours Watch-UP was held in the cabin Ceramic Fashion.

Models have a white color material DuPont Corian and painted on the idea of Yaroslav Galant Ukrainian embroidery motifs: floral patterns in red and black colors. According to ancient beliefs, it is a Ukrainian embroidery pattern gives its owner the success, happiness and health.

The creator of design hours Jaroslav Galante commented novelty:
“I would first like to make a statement to the design of the public on the need to return to the traditions of our ancestors in daily life.

Ukrainian embroidery – not just a decoration, and the national idea. All of these embroideries were amulets, which carry a huge amount of cultural information. Our main goal is not just think of something new and original, but also to preserve the unique Ukrainian culture. ”

Hours and really have some special flavor to the seemingly simple yet charming design. And if the Watch-UP model in a square enclosure rather minimalist, the oval clock is almost entirely covered with Ukrainian designs (including their belt).Due to this pattern not just watch acquire true Slavic spirit, but also carry a piece of a true home of the spirit and warmth of the hearth. Hour markers on the dial as are miniature elements of a national pattern.

On the eve of the championship “EURO 2012” Watch Watch-UP plans to use as unique souvenirs. So far, only prototypes produced, which was worked out technology of watch case material from DuPont Corian.

Despite the fact that the studio Shimma appeared not so long ago, she has managed to gain prominence in the near and far abroad. Shimma produces not only the clock. To production studio is also creative furniture and decorative elements.

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