Lady Avantgarde – classic avant-garde. Our compatriot Alexander Shorokhov

Lady Avantgarde


Our compatriot Alexander Shorokhov, founder of the eponymous German factory, is a stunning collection of novelty “Avantgarde”!

At first glance at the clock there is the thought that decorating the dial engaged Gaudi, Hundertwasser Malevich and the same person. Famous architects and painters inspired the hours on a bold design for confident women!

Like all models in this collection, sits imposingly above a large number 60. True Avantgarde unexpectedly located to the left of its usual place, and flirtatious arrow shows where she was actually supposed to be.

For the sake of the integrity of the perception of song words in the phrase “made in Germany” stood in a random order. In the box with the number in the center of the spiral twist that and look to start fast-dates, as if in a movie about a time machine.

Yes, and look for diamonds, organic complementary clock picture! A limited collection consists of 500 copies at a price of 990 euros – not refuse myself the pleasure to get a piece of cake!

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