Jean Dunand is the new watch Shabaka.Watch company Jean Dunand presented a new watch Shabaka

watch Shabaka


Watch company Jean Dunand presented a new watch Shabaka, named in honor of the Egyptian Pharaoh Neferkara, whose throne name Shabak. Jean Dunand company specializes in exclusive luxury masterpiece, performed in a single copy.

New watch Shabaka represent the perfect combination of style and art deco elements of ancient Egyptian culture. New to clothed body of 18-karat gold with a diameter 44 mm. Sapphire crystal protects watch from the front side of the body and serves as a transparent back cover. Bezel paved with baguette diamonds all.

The chassis is built CLA88QPRM Manual, developed by Christophe Claret. Caliber is equipped with the perpetual calendar, minute repeater, moon phase indicator and power reserve. Setting the calendar function is carried out via a button installed on the bottom.

Time on the dial is indexed by the central arrow hour and minute. Date, day and month are recorded on an aluminum cylinder of red. When you press the button mounted on the left side of the body, starts the minute repeater.

Novelty also released with the body of 18-karat rose gold. The cost will be 500 hours 000.

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