Ingersoll. Yank in Europe.Ingersoll firm was founded in 1892 brothers Robert and Charles Ingersoll in Uoterburi




Ingersoll firm was founded in 1892 brothers Robert and Charles Ingersoll in Uoterburi, Connecticut. Ingersoll brothers set out to start manufacturing hours, the ratio of optimal quality, price and production volumes.

Its implementation was made possible by avtomagnatu Henry Ford to invest in their new pipeline. So there were the famous “one-dollar watch“: brass with platinum, to which were attached template details. They were fairly accurate and at the same cost one dollar – the average daily salary, working at the time. Because of this Ingersoll soon became one of the most popular brands in the U.S., and “popular” hours acquired another name – Yankee, as they called the people of New York and Connecticut.

At the beginning of the XX century were actually Yankee symbol of America around the world. Ingersoll produced watches for the U.S. Army. Explorers and travelers, and even the millionaires do not hesitate to wear the Yankee model, due to their attractive design and reliability. However, the subsequent Great Depression bankrupted the business HRIngersoll & Brothers.

It was then purchased the company and the largest manufacturer of watches in Uoterburi – Waterbury Clock Comp… which has kept the production technology One-Dollar Watch.

V1933, the Ingersoll-Waterbury received its most well-known order.

Under a contract with Walt Disney Studios, it made watch with a picture of Mickey Mouse, who was so popular that eclipsed most famous brand Ingersoll. By the way, this story can be considered the first example of the license agreement. But then World War II intervened, and all the factories have been converted at Waterbury’s defense needs. Then began all the well-known story.

After the war, Waterbury received a new name, United States Time Corp., It purchased by investors from Norway. They built a new, modern factory, which later became Timex. A Ingersoll, continues to specialize in creating stylish and affordable mechanical watches, left virtually no investment and development opportunities. However, the very brand name by that time had already become a cult classic.

Watches Ingersoll, still reliable, affordable and beautiful, were Mahatma Gandhi, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Edison, and a symbol of America, along with the car and Thunderbird blue jeans, they made an idol 60s James Dean, who never parted with its chronograph Ingersoll to his death.


Regardless of how the factory’s fate in Uoterburi, Ingersoll – a name that is worth a lot. Just type the brand name in the directory search eBay and in response there will be thousands of requests per month.

Several years ago, the brand has acquired London-based group Ingersoll Zeon, engaged in the international distribution of hours. Her leadership has decided to revive the brand’s heritage perspective, the more advanced features that allow you to maintain production well at the proper level and production volumes and prices to meet the needs of the overwhelming majority of consumers around the world.

There’s only one thing: design, quality and the spirit of the brand must be absolutely authentic, so that the buyer never for a moment doubted that before him – the real Ingersoll, watches, which were a symbol of America for 100 years. Therefore, a new production scheme, developed by Zeon to Ingersoll, was fully consistent with the image of the brand.

The company’s headquarters, which takes all strategic decisions, based in London. In its development, the company aims not primarily on the American and the European and Asian markets. In contrast to many major corporations, Zeon seeks to take into account the specifics of each market in which it operates. For example, with the beginning of distribution in Russia have been issued special packages, POS-materials and instruction in Russian.

Design Bureau Ingersoll – studio Aebischer, known for numerous awards in the field of R & D, industrial and technical design – located in the German part of Switzerland. It is the artists and engineers from Switzerland and Germany are developing image collections of all Ingersoll, which today more than 30.

The main emphasis is on their mechanical watches, classic and with complications. Thanks to a member of the Concern factory in China, Zeon does not know of problems with quality and affordable machines.

This combination of innovative solutions using the best features of each country can hold a reasonable price at the mechanics and produce a very modern, European style and design of the clock.

Today the brand is mostly male classical models (80% range), many of whom are mechanics with self-winding. However, she does not forget the female audience. The latest addition Ingersoll – line of luxury women’s watches Dreams (Dreams), in which beauty is ideally treated with a mechanism connected to the actual design and jewelry style.

Shells are made of stainless steel, the mechanism is visible through the dial and the back cover, and straps made of genuine leather. Fashion design and the actual dynamic range of colors (especially pay attention to models with inserts of white ceramic) interspersed with crystals Swarovski, which will not stand in front of any girl.

Ingersoll also does not forget about the glorious historical heritage of the brand. Although the time of worship One-Dollar Watch has already passed, the company still produces a respectable pocket watch on a chain, including the skeleton. For each instance of a pocket watch offers a stylish pouch on a belt of high quality leather. For more than a century of Ingersoll experienced many changes. Only the unique style of mark seems to have never left Waterbury.

In each new watch models, whether chronographs Crow, Forty Niner with complete calendar, Desperado, open balance, or luxury classic Yankee skeletons Ghandi, you can see the style of broad highways, public vehicles and the Hollywood spotlight. Watch that a hundred years ago were good for presidents, movie stars and ordinary people who will not disappoint you today.

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