Hublot presents innovative precious metal Magic Gold. Wristwatch in gold body, not subject to external damage

Hublot presents


Wristwatch in gold body, not subject to external damage – sounds like something impracticable. But this dream watchmaker realized a watch company Hublot, presenting his new patent Magic Gold.

Work on the project began three years ago under the leadership of CEO Hublot Mr. Beaver, and Professor Andreas Mortensen, director of laboratory mechanical metallurgy EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne). As a result, research has been developed alloy 18-karat gold, which is harder than the density of hardened steel.

The alloy has a proud name Magic Gold, magic gold. The company is so far the only user innovation.

The main disadvantage of a gold watch is the need for periodic polishing and grinding of the case. Gold – soft metal and prone to scratches.

Because of this 24-karat gold is rarely used in chasoproizvodstve, and 18-karat gold has only recently began to be applied. Historically, the 14-karat gold has become the most popular for creating buildings, as these cases it is very difficult to scratch, despite the low gold content.

To solve the problem of scratches when using a higher gold samples, namely 18-carat gold, was conceived of the project. Despite the fact that work on the Magic Gold has not yet been completed, the composite was a pilot phase, and the company expects to launch Hublot watches with cases of Magic Gold to the forthcoming exhibition Basel world 2012.

“Colour is golden, but it can be easily distinguished from the usual gold, – says Mr. Beaver. – We finally decided on the color, but we want to have a special color for the Magic Gold ». Precious Metal Magic Gold will also be used to create parts for clocks.

Director General of Hublot Mr. Beaver had given assurances that this process will be used to create special alloys of platinum, palladium, aluminum, copper, nickel, and even silver. “Cases of this material does not scratch and do not undergo oxidation,” – he promised.

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