Hong Kong survived! In recent years flooded the Russian market cheap watches

Hong Kong survived


In recent years flooded the Russian market cheap watches, the dials on which color and logos most famous brands in the world. “Beautiful, prestigious and accessible. What’s wrong with that?” – Ask an inexperienced buyer. The fact that the “dignity” of these products do not meet his expectations.

Not too sophisticated counterfeiting of low quality are made usually somewhere in the “mysterious” South-East Asia. According to the test center staff, “Dawn” Penza watch factory, are the most common fake “Commander”, and of foreign brands-Seiko, Citizen, Orient and Rolex.

In order to stop this orgy, in May last year the Russian government issued a decree on compulsory certification hours, bracelets and chains for them. And now – though to go to Pensa with your clock is almost the same as that in the Tula samovar with her – knowing people are going, because it operates on PCHZ test center “Dawn”, according to experts, one of the best in Russia.

Experience hours for all parameters allows the most modern equipment, the Swiss and domestic appliances Q Test 6000, Quartz Printer, Quartz Timer, Elma, Wicometr, Megatest, Water-proof-checker, OPM-2448, etc. The range of services that are provided by specialists Center “Dawn”, the certification is not exhausted. Here, too, spend hours and technical expertise to train specialists in the maintenance and repair of mechanical and quartz watches.

Classes are teachers of the department Instrument Penza State Technical University, perhaps the only one in Russia, which produces specialist watchmaking high.

Last year, the “Dawn” were tested hours of the various domestic and foreign brands. Among the latter – quartz clock Laros. On them I would say particularly, because the “fire, water and copper pipes” were successfully held the clock is not a law-abiding Swiss manufacturer, and the products just the very south-east Asia, which in recent years (not without reason!) So eschews our consumer. And, if you try to find out someone actually, Laros production, you will find that all the components – from Japan, the assembly – Hong Kong, and the trademark is registered in China.

Hong Kong survived
Nevertheless, no matter how surprised the Swiss, Japanese, Russian and other guard’s manufacturers, all tests passed those hours. Center specialists have concluded that the main characteristics of the clock controlled in normal climatic conditions and the operating temperature range, satisfy the requirements of GOST. Hours were tested for resistance to extreme temperatures.

Then they were placed in a constant magnetic field – and again no errors. Tests were conducted watertightness at a pressure 0.5 kg/cm2. Imagine that, forgetting to remove the watch, you dived to a depth of 5 meters – about the same.

Result – no leakage. The samples four o’clock continuously spinning in three mutually perpendicular planes: they still worked fine. Then the simulated shipping shaking, throwing a meter high, rubbed on suede – in short, did everything possible to, if not broken, at least to spoil the look. And what’s the bottom line?

As a result of the tests, it was recognized that the quality of hours Laros and specifications fully meet the requirements of GOST and on diurnal, water and magnetically even surpass them. In short, China seems seriously enter into the struggle for Russian consumers, who for ten years has not seen “decent” products of the Celestial Empire. And watch Laros – this is a reminder that good things out there still doing it.

Not for nothing that the dominance of “yellow” import manufacturers complain knowing sense as in Europe and not less legible in North America, where low-quality product supply simply makes no sense.

Excerpts from the “Protocol N 8/49-00 control testing hours”

The main technical characteristics satisfy the requirements of GOST 26272-98. Samples of the test stand. … Tests for limiting the impact of temperature during transportation was carried out for 6 hours at t = -10 ° C and 50 “C. After keeping the samples for 1 hour under normal conditions, dysfunction and diurnal variations were found. Withstood the test samples.

Failures of the clock caused by exposure to magnetic fields were detected. … Testing the effects of transport were shaken for an hour at the oscillation frequency of 2.5 Hz with an acceleration of 30 m / sec. Samples of the test stand.

Testing the effects of single shocks were performed at the facility for directional incidence of hours with a height of 1 meter onto a horizontal surface of the solid wood. The first fall – on the side of the clock with the number “9”, the second – on the glass. Samples of the test stand.

Selection of external design details of nickel was found.

Wear protective and decorative coatings were tested by comparing the test of time erase coatings until the sublayer with the time of deletion coverage of the sample standard. Sample-standard gold plating has a thickness of 1 micron.

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