Hermlevskoe time. The familiar ticking clock, like the beating of the heart at home.

Hermlevskoe time


The familiar ticking clock, like the beating of the heart at home. Stop them, and absorb all the dull, lifeless silence. Even ordinary unpretentious clocks are able to create a home atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.

The heart symbol and the Black Forest

Highlands Black Forest received its name (“Black Forest”), because here, along with maple, alder, cherry, oak and beech trees grew in abundance conifers – the birthplace of German clock. In winter, when snow filled up the road, all of life became isolated within the walls of the house, and most people involved in carving wood around good enough. The first timers were completely made of wood.

Hermlevskoe time
Cottage industry has become a traditional craft – one made watch, while others sold them. In the second half of XIX century began to make arrangements already made of metal – usually brass – but preferred to wooden hull. The museum hours and in old houses you can see the Black Forest clocks, which, at least 100 years or even 200.

Some of them are in working condition so far. When in 1922 the founder, Franz Hermle factory undertaken more horology, many doubted his success.

The years were hard, the post-war. Before the clock right? But the determination and hard work have paid off: now 80 years old company produces a variety of Hermle clocks, the main difference between them – a consistently high quality. The company has established a mass production of wall, floor, mantel and tabletop models hours. Accurate and reliable mechanisms for Hermle readily acquire many companies around the world. So on the watch dial with Hermle mechanism can be quite a different name.

Hermlevskoe time
Hermle to this day remains a family business: the company now led by the grandchildren of the founder – cousins Gerd and Rolf Hermle.

Classics from Hermle

Today the company produces a clock of classic and trendy models for the interiors. Classic Collection Hermle – the largest in Europe. It has absorbed centuries-old tradition of German clocks that are very popular not only in Germany but also elsewhere. It presents the model, amazing diversity.

There is a watch for every taste and color: and for a luxurious mansion, and for a modest apartment. Dear exclusive watches made of precious woods such as cherry, oak or mahogany. Sometimes the wood, which has a fibrous structure – cap. Hours can be decorated with inlaid wood.

Jewelry engraver work here is facilitated by the use of modern laser technology. As a result, while maintaining the unique hand made product can be offered to the buyer at an affordable price.

This year’s collection of clocks Hermle in classic style consists of two lines – History and Classic. The first direction includes an exclusive high-priced model, the design similar to an antique clock. Release of many of these models was initiated in 2002. They use fine wood and more sophisticated with more features.

Specially for the anniversary limited edition released a desktop model with the case of cherry or walnut, richly decorated with inlay. Glass on all four sides of its body allow to observe the work mechanism, with the jewelry elegance trimmed with gold. Calendar shows you the date, hours, and each quarter hour will be marked by the sound of light music. Classic line features a wide range of watches from various types of wood.

And their cases are made of solid wood, and support elements are made of no less quality, but less expensive materials. Mechanisms – the same as the clock line of History, but with fewer advanced features.

Hermle clocks are perfect for any home decor in a traditional style.

They – the nostalgia for the parental home and childhood, in the past and measured steady flow of life. This is a clock and a solid cabinet, and for strong room, and cozy dining room, in a word, excellent decoration, “the family nest.”

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