Features hours Certina. Basically Certina company specializes in producing sports watches

hours Certina


Basically Certina company specializes in producing sports watches, the quality of which is one of the standards on the wound, and they provide reliable, trouble-free operation in emergency situations.

Renowned Swiss quality, a characteristic feature of brand watches Certina. And despite the fact that the mainstream – Sports Watch is a company and its traditions, which had begun in the late nineteenth century. The founders of the company are brothers Kurt. Fifty years later registered trade mark Certina (from the Latin – a reliable, must read – Sertina).

In almost all hours of the Certina used protection system Double Security (DS), which includes – protection against water (including under the head of the plant is the O-ring), shock, vibration, sapphire crystal, hours thickened to twice the strength of the back of increased the housing cover. You can use them, doing any kind of sports, even swimming; they will not fail in other situations.

Recently, attention has been paid to design registration hours.

Produced ten collections, which can be divided into three lines of sports watches. Classic – DS SPEL with a chronograph with alarm function, and in this collection were included models with automatic winding, it is made in an elegant style; DS PRO – a novelty in this collection has a titanium model with a dual display. Sports Designer – DS Fiction, reflecting trends in fashion, an elongated shape and size while increasing hours.

For people young, who value independence and suitable hours from the collection of DC ONE, executed in the style “inflated” forms in automotive design. For extreme sports – watch DS Cascadeur, the originality of this model gives protective bar over the glass; DS Coronation Automatic – one of the most expensive and prestigious, made of titanium, at first glance they are heavy and massive.

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