Diamonds and Sapphires in the new Dior Christal Diamond Watch Full. ITS Expands Line of Dior Christal watch full diamond

Diamond Watch


ITS Expands Line of Dior Christal watch full diamond with seven new models designed for the Most women demanding. Each watch is in fact studded with diamonds and Sapphires that give a touch of elegance to every look.

The line of 28 and 33 mm of the house thus is enriched with precious timepieces are Able to shine with every movement of the wrist. On a stainless steel case, diamonds adorn the bezel combined with Sapphires, while the crown and sapphire crystal mounted on mother of pearl dial shines. Finally, three stripes on the sparkle of diamonds strapped to lit the whole or Sapphires.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift or if you still do not know what to give, perhaps these clocks may be for you.

The new collection of Dior is designed for women who like jewels in all their forms. Many brands have in fact associated with the passion for precious stones and precision watchmaking by creating high-class timepieces.

The timeless beauty of classic lines, combined with the brilliance of precious stones and high technology, precision and craftsmanship made in Swiss make watches Dior Christal Full Diamond a real gem.

You can choose from seven different versions, in white, black and purple two to various combinations of stones and color inserts. A touch of light and beauty to brighten your Christmas.

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