Details about the auction clock Parmigiani Bugatti Piece Unique. House Antiquorum is actively preparing to auction

auction clock


House Antiquorum is actively preparing to auction sentry Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces, date of which is scheduled for December 7 in New York. Watch collectors expect a whole scattering of unusual models, each of which will adorn the collection.

However, more than all of the presented Antiquorum auction house hours are allocated a unique model of the Bugatti Type 370 company Parmigiani Fleurier. In general, this extraordinary timepiece, even at his watch like a remote. Rather, some sort of a barrel of mechanisms underlying the hourly strap.

Model Bugatti Piece Unique was founded watch company Parmigiani Fleurier in 2007. Auction house data clock was sold in January 2008, not too long lingering from the owner. Maybe that’s why they have remained in perfect safety – almost like new.

auction clock
Inside the Bugatti Piece Unique is set like a car engine clockwork Cal.

PF 370 with ten days of the range, at 37 stones. Equally impressive range of the clock ensures that the two winding drums. It is also equipped with anti-shock mechanism of the system. Placed clockwork in white gold, encrusted on the sides of the 28th diamond total weight makes 3.1 carats. The back cover is secured by 4 screws and has a transparent window. Case dimensions are 32h50 mm, thickness – 19 mm.

Hour and minute hands are on the side of the body-barrel. Speridi as beautiful clock work with power reserve indicator. Hours Bugatti Piece Unique create the impression of an extraordinary machine tool, its design impressive: as if the barrel with the mechanism laid out in a metal stand, decorated with diamonds – agree that some kind of surreal. Today, however, similar structures are becoming more commonplace.

Perhaps watch Bugatti Piece Unique constitute one of the best and most unusual Christmas gifts of all 450 models presented at the auction, selected by experts Antiquorum. The starting price for the watch Bugatti Piece Unique is 100-150 000.

Watches are equipped with a narrowed black leather strap alligator. Together with the model comes branded pen Parmigiani Fleurier, but not writing, and is designed for winding the clock mechanism. Because of the unique design of the model simply does not have a traditional crown?

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