Clock champions Christie’s own eyes. On 14 November at Christies auction watchmaker Patek Philippe

Clock champions


On 14 November at Christies auction watchmaker Patek Philippe has once again been recognized as the creator of one of the most expensive auction models. For example, last year the total receipts of all time auctions house Christies was 91 million dollars.

And in the ten most expensive watches, to provide this amount includes only masterpieces of Patek Philippe. But it is difficult to judge the auction and the proceeds from vector images, but not a real photo of sold hours. But the real clock auction often bear the imprints of time in the form of scratches on the body, or spots on the dial.

At the last auction Christies sold 409 lots in the amount of $ 29 million. Nine of the ten most expensive watches owned by Patek Philippe and some well-known company Rolex.

Clock champions
The most expensive were the type is not newwatches Patek Philippe ref. 3448 from scratches mottled pink-gold case. They were sold for $ 2 million. Hours are dvuhstrelochnik with dual-aperture day and month in the “12 o’clock” and the needle indicator of the lunar indicator inside the small dial at “6 o’clock”. Dial in white. Hour’s ref. 3448 was released in 1962 limited edition of 585 pieces. Have a vintage leather brown.

Even among the most expensive hours of auction was Patek Philippe ref. 1579, sold just a couple of million dollars. Their body is made of platinum. At the periphery dial located tachometer scale, two counters are located in chronological markers’ 3 and 9 o’clock. “The control buttons are integrated into the body of a chronograph in the direction of “2 and 4:00.” Arrows and hour markers 6 and 12 are made of gold.

Watches Patek Philippe ref. 1579 was established in 1946 in the amount of only three copies. Truly ref. 1579 unique model in the constellation chronograph Patek Philippe.

The most expensive hours of the auction does not belong to the brand.

Patek Philippe was issued in 1949 by the legendary Rolex ref. 8382.

Despite its age, this watch is simply preserved in pristine condition.

Rolex ref. 8382 has gold case and dial in the center of which is an enamel image of the god of sea elements of Neptune, which is rushing through the waves in a chariot drawn by two horses. Otherwise, watch ref. 8382 is a “normal” trehstrelochnik on a brown alligator strap.

Watches Rolex ref. 8382 by the way did not take the last, and 7th place in the list of the most expensive models, sold at auction Christies.

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