Christmas dinner with an hour by Eberhard. In Moscow restaurant Simple Pleasures December 8 this year

Christmas dinner


In Moscow restaurant Simple Pleasures December 8 this year, watch company Eberhard its official representative in Russia ProTime Rus organized a Christmas dinner. The main theme of the holiday was the first anniversary of the Swiss watch brand presence in the Russian market.

The dinner was presented the most recent news Eberhard, as well as movie about the key facts and the most interesting stories of hour mark. About all the features of models of the brand personally told Pezeriko Mario, who is president of Astor Time Ltd, which has the right to distribute global brands Eberhard.

Christmas dinner
Also in commemoration of the dinner was established comic award and award ceremony chocolate souvenirs, which for this event were specially manufactured in Switzerland. And finally, the old Geneva tradition was broken chocolate pot, a symbol of the independence of Geneva. This little ritual is a way to wish good luck to watch brand Eberhard in Russia.

Eberhard was founded in 1887 in Switzerland, Georges-Emile Eberhard, in whose honor and named watches. The company’s success has brought a pocket edition chronograph. Their first wristwatch chronograph company launched in 1919. And by 1935 Eberhard created the first watch with two buttons.

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